Principal's Greeting

June 4, 2020
Dear PS 124 Community,
This final letter for School Year 2019-20 is written with a heavy heart.  Usually the month of June is one that is filled with a flurry of events such as winding down in classrooms with assessments, Field Day events, preparing for moving on and graduation ceremonies and cleaning up rooms for the summer.   
Instead, we are in our fourth month of shelter-at-home, continuing social distance practices and just about ready to open up some businesses in NYC.  Students are hanging in with remote learning, family members are working at home while at the same time home-schooling their children, and classroom teachers are having Google Meets with their children, entering grades for report cards, preparing virtual end-ofyear celebrations and planning a menu of activities and resources for their students to do during the summer months.   
Our community has also witnessed many protests around the city, across the nation as well as in other countries, addressing systemic racial injustice and inequalities.  Many people of different ethnicities, social economical backgrounds and religious faiths are joining together to demand changes in laws and policies.  Children are asking questions and expressing fears that we adults need to explain and help them understand.  Having such difficult conversations is important if we are to make the world a better place for them to grow up and live in.
We are compiling relevant and age appropriate resources for families to read and/or watch that we will post on our website and send via DoJo in the weeks ahead.  In addition, as we get more directions from Central DOE about how this year will close (ex. retrieving students’ belongings from school building) and how/when the next school year will start, we will communicate that information to you on DoJo.
I want to thank: 

  • Our PTA Board members and SLT members for their support and collaborative efforts;

  • Our school staff for adapting to teaching remotely, working so hard to engage students in whatever ways possible and using RULER activities to help their social-emotional development during these difficult times;

  • Our families for your commitment to supporting your children and juggling so many responsibilities at home and in your own line of work; 

  • Our dynamic office staff members who have maintained communications with families in countless ways; 

  • Our custodial staff who have worked daily in the building to paint and keep it clean and safe for when we return; 

  • Our kitchen staff members who have worked to provide meals for the community at neighboring schools; 

  • Our school safety agents who have continued to work locally during this pandemic.

I want to also express my appreciation to Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal, and Pat Kwan, Coach, who have been incredible especially since the onset of remote learning.
Finally, I want to congratulate our 5th grade students and families on making it through and who will be moving on to middle school after June 26th.  Best of luck in your future endeavors and we expect you back as alumni to share your journeys of success!
Wishing everyone has a peaceful, healthy and safe summer ahead! We hope to see you all back in September!
Alice Hom



40 Division Street

New York, NY 10002


212.966.7237 (office)

212.219.3069 (fax)


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