Principal's Greeting

June 7, 2021


Dear PS 124 Community,


As this unprecedented school year winds down to a close, let us reflect on all that has happened:

  • September return to school with hybrid learning Groups A & B;

  • Switching to remote learning when a positive case was reported to Situation room;

  • 14/10 day class or school quarantines (fortunately, just a few for our school);

  • Weekly random Co-Vid testing for Gr. 1-5 students and staff;

  • Pfizer or Moderna vaccination roll-out;

  • Inauguration of President Joseph Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris;

  • New School Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter;

  • Black Lives Matter movement;

  • Stop Asian Hate movement/Asian American Pacific Island  (AAPI) recognition;

  • Transitioning from social distancing of 6 ft. to 3 ft.


We recognize the hardships faced by our students, staff and families due to the constant changes made by the DOE, the endless ZOOM meetings and technology difficulties experienced by all and the scheduling shifts that were programmed throughout this year.  We have persevered and shown resilience during this pandemic, and hopefully are making a turn for better days ahead.


I want to congratulate our 5th grade students and their families as their final year here at Yung Wing Elementary comes to an end, and wish them much success as they move on to middle school.  Many thanks to our staff for collaborating and learning how to integrate digital resources and use various platforms to engage both in person and remote students.  As summer approaches, we hope our boys and girls will re-emerge to socialize, play and have some fun after many months of staying home.


While we are looking towards the next school year when conditions will be better and back to some sense of normalcy, we will continue to communicate via School DoJo with updates over the summer.  Make sure you check it periodically.  


On behalf of Ms. Helman, the school staff and myself, I wish everyone a safe, healthy and relaxing summer!  We will see those returning back to PS 124 on September 13th!!!



Alice Hom