Principal's Greeting

Dear P.S. 124 Community,


This month you have the opportunity to visit your child’s classroom(s) and to speak with his/her teachers.  While it is still early in the school year, every child has shown progress in learning and in developing social skills with classmates.  It is important to communicate your concerns and questions with school staff when you come for Parent Teacher Conferences as well as to acknowledge improvements you have noticed since September.  Discuss what can be done to continue and extend learning outside of school and at home.  It is very important to talk to and with your children about what is happening at school and how they are feeling.  Administrators, teachers, the guidance counselor – we are available to provide support and resources whenever possible to help members in our school community.


In addition, as the holiday season approaches with Thanksgiving later this month, I want to express my gratitude to:


  • The children for coming to school with open minds and hearts;

  • The teaching staff for their collegiality to teach and learn from each other and their dedication to help the children enrich their academics and social emotional skills;

  • The parents and extended family members who volunteer in the cafeteria, the library, on class trips and at school-wide events;

  • The office staff for fielding questions from parents, translating (paper and face-to-face) at conferences and most school wide notices/flyers, distributing materials, and taking care of so many other administrative tasks;

  • The custodial staff for maintaining our school facility;

  • The cafeteria staff for working as a team and with administrators to provide our children with healthy meals;

  • The school safety agents for keeping all of us safe from morning to evening;

  • The PTA and FOYW for organizing and providing funds for special school events;

  • The Community Based Organizations affiliated with our school for their partnerships and annual support; and finally,

  • Ms. Melissa Helman, Assistant Principal, for ALL her time and efforts to supervise students and school colleagues as well as oversee so many managerial obligations to keep P.S. 124 on course for success.


With much thanks and appreciation,


Alice Hom



212.966.7237 (office)

212.219.3069 (fax)


40 Division Street

New York, NY 10002

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